Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Affogato Gone Asian

Du Viet - I was introduced to this restaurant by a friend of mine and never had it crossed my mind that the food here is very tasty and full of flavors, especially the soup noodles (Pho) and quite affordable. Main dish's portion is also big.

And of course, I will usually order coffee to complete my meal - and because I want to stay awake the whole day as well >.<

Du Viet, KLCC

Special Drip Coffee with Vanilla Ice Cream - this coffee caught my eyes when I read the menu, simply because of the name and how it looks. INTERESTING, I must say. The coffee didn't let me down at all. It was very rich and the vanilla ice cream really balanced out the strong coffee flavor. In a summary it's like Affogato gone Asian, but even better. Try it!

Special Drip Coffee with Vanilla Ice Cream